our garden

When we visit, we spend most of our time outside. When you see the views, you’ll understand why.

Our large private garden surrounds the house on all sides. There is also a terrace that wraps around the barn. This means you can chase the sun, or shade, or a different vista as the mood takes you.

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We have sourced beautifully restored sun loungers and deck chairs from the Italian riviera which you can spend the day relaxing on. Our house and garden sit removed from the other houses to give you seclusion and privacy.

LeB A-set-114 LeB A-set-160 LeB A-set-116LeB A-set-108 LeB A-set-198 LeB A-set-117
LeB A-set-111 LeB A-set-169

To make eating outside easy, we have two large outdoor tables – one on wheels – so you can choose your favourite spot. A vine-covered pergola provides midday shade, and a built-in barbecue can be used for outdoor cooking. At night you can sit on the west terrace and watch the sun set over the distant mountains. There are outside lights and plenty of candles so you can have dinner outside watching the lights in the valley below and the stars above.


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